Moments for Weddings (Select Package)

$8.00 / month with a 2-year free trial and a $199.00 sign-up fee

$199 for the first two years

$8/month subscription after two years


Moments™ is a capsule of your big day and all of the memories around it. We designed it to be as simple and hands-off as possible, so even your grandma can use it. Capture your guest photos and videos. That’s it!

You can decide whether you want your Moments™ site to be public or private, requiring a login. Just turn on Force Login in the OwnSocial settings if you want to go Private.



OwnSocial Subdomain

Every new Moments™ site is available on the web for you and your guests (if they know where to look!). You can choose whichever subdomain you’d like. For example,


QR codes provide an easy way to get somewhere on the web. Just like many restaurants use for their menus, you can use a personal QR code to get your wedding guests right to your Moments™ Post page. See for yourself!

Guest Posting

Guest Posting allows your guests to share photos and videos with you readily. No Accounts or Log Ins needed! Moderation is super easy too, so you can take it easy and capture the moments.

Unlimited Photos & Videos*

All of the photos and videos you collect on your Moments™ site are yours to keep — forever! You can download them any time while your site is up.

Printed QR Card Tents

Twenty high quality card tents to set out on tables for your guests. Use the default or upload your own design.

*After prepaid portion, hosting is $8/mo. You can download your photos and videos any time while your Moments site is up.


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